Monday, May 1, 2017

Women's Suffrage by A. P.

This weeks assignment was to read about, and hear a lecture given about two women who fought for the rights of women. Their Names were Martha Coffin Wright and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. We learned from the authors what shaped these two women to become to great figure in the women suffrage movement. In our reading we discovered that Martha was born in Nantucket, Boston. She was born to a family who were Quakers. Quakers believed both men and women to be equal, and so their women were more educated than most. We also learned that growing up in Nantucket men were out working on boats so it was up to the women to do be the who ran the shops instead of the man. Another thing that influenced Martha was her father died when she has really you so she grew up with her mother being the head of the house hold. Maths also suffered on her way to becoming who she was. By the age of 19 Martha was a widow with a young daughter and was expelled from the quaker church for making a non Quaker man. She would later me Julius Catlin who die on a trip before making it back to her . She eventually marries again to David Wright how she goes on to have more children with. Later on she loses her youngest child at the age of one and anther one of her children at the age of 22. Elizabeth Cady as we learned from the lecture was born to a wealthy conservative family. she had a great education. She was the top of her class but because she was a women was not able to go to college. Her only brother died when she was 11 and she remembers that when she went to look for comfort in her father he said that he wished she was a boy. her father as a jude so she knew a lot about the law. She went on to marry Henry Brewster Stanton who was an abolitionist. With hime she went to conventions and went about abolition and continued to learn. Lori D. Ginzberg the lecture argues that Elizabeth and made comments that were at times races, and elites. Both women made their difference the speech they wrought. They used their education to make a difference and to empower women. 
What I think the authors are trying to say is that these women where like many other of their time they were not perfect but they made a difference. Elizabeth saw it from a young age that women how women were treated like man there were look as less than. She was some time to caught up in what she wanted and didn't let anything get in the way. Martha on the other hand had a sense that women could be independent yet there were not being treat the same. 
In class we go to sit in groups and discuss different and similarities between both women. We explored thing from their point of view. I came to the conclusion that Martha was a women who fought to for woman if all races and she. While Elizabeth thought that it was more important that women who where educated where the ones who could vote, and she view nothing more important than that. I also saw that in their time both women where viewed as liberals which was what we discussed as class.