Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lincoln Ch 5 & 6 by B. M.

1.In Abraham Lincoln by George McGovern chapter 5 and 6. Capture 5 is titled Lincoln and total war. George writes about Lincolns thoughts and feelings about war, at first Lincoln’s views on war are almost passive, very gentlemanly with rules and consideration for the southern solders. Lincoln, felt he needed to stay out of the war and focus more on running the country. As the war progresses Lincoln realized he needed to be more assertive and tougher if he wanted to win. Through this way of thinking and strategy he saw results. Capture 6 focuses on Lincolns political aspirations and how he could use the war to his advantage. Lincoln felt it was his duty or obligation to see the resolution of the war while he was president. He used his accomplishments of war to his advantage.
2.George McGovern point of view seemed indifferent I think he laid out the facts and his examples well. I would have liked to hear a little more about Lincolns home life and upbringing.
3. In class I assume we talked about Lincoln and how he met criticism from his peers and how he overcame adversity in relation to what we read. We probably talked about how he developed his strategy for war and how he used this knowledge to win a second term as President.
4. Some conclusions we drew were that Lincoln was a good man and a good president. He tried initially to avoid slavery but eventually had to stand firm in his belief that it was not a good practice.
5. What were Abraham Lincolns parents like? Where did he get such a work ethic? How did his upbringing help him go from an unknown lawyer to a political powerhouse?