Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Frederick Douglass Part 2 by K. P.

1. Chapter 10 and 11 of the Fredrick Douglas narrative is about his final yeas as a slave and his growing self empowerment and quest for freedom.  In these chapters he really begins to fight back and finally runs away. Douglas's main argument was that he could no longer stand living the life of a slave and was treated terribly, he proves this when he talks of numerous times he's been beaten close to death.
2. The chapters are from the point of view of Douglas himself, I feel the purpose was to tell people how he struggled as a slave but told himself freedom would come wether it was granted or he took it for himself and it happened.
3. I feel as if discussing the chapters in class helped us to understand some of the things Douglas was feeling that we may not have understood upon first reading.
4. Some conclusions we drew were that during the second half of the narrative, Douglass really became self aware of his situation and he knew he needed to change it. We also came to the conclusion that these chapters gave a detailed and first person point of view into the horrors of slavery and the inhumane treatment.
5. The biggest question I have is the details of Douglass's escape. In the chapters he says he does not want to give the details but this makes me wonder even more. I want to know how he did it, who helped him, some of the difficulties that may have happened, I want a clear picture of the events.