Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lincoln Ch 3-4 by D. C.

 In addition to our sixteenth president biographies author George McGovern writes in detail about interesting political deals that helped more of my understanding of this famous president in the book titled "Abraham Lincoln" . Abraham Lincoln is a very popular figure in American history and in his life story has defined what America is today. McGovern argues about Abraham Lincoln; in his fight to abolish slavery , the manipulation and talent that won him presidency, and the development of several southern states consider secession. In the evidence that McGovern provided was early on Lincoln was elected congress in where he then moved to Washington for his term and was unsuccessful to abolish slavery in District of Columbia. McGovern in his writing states that Lincoln was an abolitionist who morally believed slavery was wrong along with his legal and economic view against slavery. McGovern write about Lincoln`s attempt to reinforce Fort Summers in South Carolina, and so began the civil war and the secession of several more states along with Virginia , which Lincoln believed the civil war was fought for the union to remain together. Along with the civil war happening it also played a role in the fate of slavery. McGovern writes the political manipulation Lincoln took part in by suspending rights in the constitution and expand the power of the executive and federal government.  And most importantly McGovern writes  Lincoln`s remarkable action as president The Emancipation Proclamation. 
    The purpose for me in reading the writings of George McGovern gave me more information in the sense of i did not know in detail sequently how the Emancipation Proclamation take a start and initiated the thirteenth amendment along with the amens of the abolishment of slavery in the United States. I did not change my outlook of Lincoln`s character because i overall believed it was a fight that had to be done in order to accomplish something morally great that now seems to be the most positive accomplishment in American history. I was reading about a person overall who is very educated , strong and was fighting for an importance that he believe was the right thing to do.
    In our class discussions George McGovern argument as a group; classmates discuss the executive power and authority that took place. The evidence to support this was by newspapers and laws. As a group we realized that chapter 3 from "Abraham Lincoln" was more about the civil war and chapter 4 was details about the civil war. We discussed the Lincoln used the political system to his advantage, for example what Lincoln sought to support something and was illegal he made them legal. We discussed Lincoln moving towards emancipation and unify the north. We read an article "First Inaugural Address of Abraham Lincoln" and discuss a very significant and relatable quote from the article supporting our discussion as a group about the secession and union "  A husband and wife may be divorced and go out of the presence and beyond reach of each other , but the different parts of our country can not do this" (23). What he says is so relatable to an everyday man and women as a fact and adequately support the unity among states is not able to function properly on it their own.
 The most important questions we drew was now we see the result of the civil war brought upon in the end the abolishment of slavery. We now see it was a positive outcome but actually living in that point in time was not seen positive. The civil war ended slavery but did not start of that way. We discussed at the time how the enslaved people would respond to emancipation as happy but unsure of the result in the end if it would push through. We discussed about George Washington saying war is an expense and ought to be avoided at all cost , but Lincoln believed that slavery was a reason for the war.
 My questions remains with the manipulation of use of the Constitution what can be done to prevent this from happening again ? , because if it were to happen what can be stated it will result positive again ? and not negative that would impact humanity?. How deeply did it effect the suspension on laws at the time?