Thursday, May 4, 2017

Frederick Douglass by D. C.

  In this blog post , i will be writing about an abolitionist speaker Frederick Douglass. He is a very descriptive and emotional writer, when reading  " Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass" it was difficult to read how human beings were treated. Slavery labor in places change overtime and dependent upon advances in the plantation development and diverge in common labor or skills. Douglass expresses his story in such a emotional manner in the environment he grow up in and lived when being a teenager. He lived in a environment in where he  was controlled , disciplined , and where human rights were invisible. 
             In a controlled environment, Douglass was born on a plantation in Maryland ,who was separated from his black mother and white father (who was a master) ; an orphan boy who did not know his own birthday because it was not allowed to know their age. Douglass parents was an example of the cruelty of slaveholders actually profit from this practice of rape, it gave slaveholders a chance to increase the number of slaves they own. You see owning slaves according to the white was profitable it was a agriculture revolution , and because of this slaves were controlled the moment their born.  For many of us we would be devastated with the passing of a mother , because of course the moments growing up along your mother as she molded you to the person you are all these years it was you cherish forever; and sadly for Douglass he did not experience what most of us have. Douglass has no pain when hearing the devastating news of his mothers passing "I received the tidings of my mother’s death with much the same emotions I should have probably felt at the death of a stranger" those heart felt words made me feel such sadness on how the moment you are born you are a slave and obey orders, Douglass did not have a childhood every child should experience, but this comes to show that enslaved men and women where controlled and treated inhumane from birth till death ; because the health and financial conditions of their owners depended on it. Douglass first master Captain Anthony gives him the introduction of the slavery world when he whips his aunt Hester in front of him. Douglass give his readers a sense of what it was like being a young african american boy; he writes about  enslaved men and women get whipped , separation of families and friends , the loss off knowledge and being conscious brining suffering. In this autobiography, Douglass speaks in a tone of irony at times , and a person who is emotionally overcome he engages in this book. His point is to exactly express his struggle to free himself, mentally and physically, from slavery. Because it was a young boys life there was no other voice needed in this book , it was Frederick Douglass own voice and opinion uncut. 

Douglass explains how he educated himself and even thought he had help he learned the alphabet and his determination was there to learn. In class we discuss the power in knowledge that literacy would lead to question the rights white keep slaves. I learned by my classmates slave owners committing adultery , rape , corruption , an irresponsible power of slaveholding. What i found very sad to hear is a classmate telling a group how parents hid children in the woods so they were not taken , and the way slaves resisted control by rebelling against slaveholders , slowing down work , and the songs that would be code words. I learned that slaves were fighting back and i loved hearing this , because enslaved men and women were aware o retain their humanity. 
            I do want to hear more about why slavery was a making of America , why in such an inhumane manner. Why did our own founding father preach freedom but own slaves of their own. Why did innocent men and children have to experience this?