Friday, May 26, 2017

Reconstruction by S. A.

In the first part of the first half of the documentary titled Reconstruction show the events following the end of the civil war and the dealings of the freedmen and the plantation owners who came to claim back their land and the freedmen who learned their lives in this country is going to be long and hard. To begin during the war in order to get the slaves off the union armies tail Sherman signed field order fifteen and essentially gave every freedman forty acres and a mule since the army had no need for them. After a couple years the land granted to the freed man after being cultivated now belonged to them. Until the southern landowners mainly the wealthy plantation owners came back and told all the freedmen to leave the land the government that field order 15 had granted them. Northerners believed that the treasonist southerners should be punished but the North believed the road the recovery and reconstruction was through rebuilding the south rather than punishing them. The author shows the actual field order that had been archived by most likely a military scribe. Shows one special case which was an island only inhabited by blacks and no whites were allowed guarded by an black militia it only seen as trouble for the government to deal with such sensitive matters.
The author wanted to show the hardship of the south as it was difficult and unpleasant time for everyone in the south. For those who were seeking their pardons for the government were being hung out to dry and it became evident they would need to have official help to sort out all the conflicts of men and freedmen.The government formed the freedmen's Bureau to settle any disputes with the southern landowners and the freedmen who lived on the government seized lands. The only voices missing would be of the landowners who wouldn’t be pardoned so easily since Andrew Johnson wouldn’t handle out the pardon without the groveling he thought they were required to perform. You can hear the voices of the slave who were utterly disappointed to learn that the land that once held their hopes dreams were going to be taken from them and the road they had ahead of them would be worse than the slavery they were forced to endure. Ever since the book of Frederick Douglas we saw from a primary source of someone who could read and write and had experienced slavery and his harshest possible treatment any human will undergo. From the harshest of religious slave owners to ones who would allow their slave to leave the land to complete labor contracts. Until he found his opportunity to escape and he ran to the north where he became a published author under a different name and showed the world what it is to be a slave. Questions i’m left wondering whether or not the island of the all black community ever came to combat the local white population. A population of around a thousand black slaves versus the an entire gathering of the local white supremacists back then it was normal to look down on blacks but now i guess that would be the correct term for them. Overall the situation for every freedman look grim from owning land and their very own community being taken away the next couple year will hold even more suffering in pain that will only grant their freedom as second class citizens.