Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lincoln Ch 2 by S. A.

In chapter two of the book Lincoln by George McGovern we learn about his crippling depression in his efforts to attempt to participate in congress and later climbing up into presidency. At first Lincoln was just a member of congress trying to eliminate slavery but keep in mind he was no abolitionist. He thought slavery was disgusting and a disgrace and should not be held in the capitol  as it was one of America’s greatest sins. Before his attempts at removing slavery he was trying to politically combat president Polk about the illegal war. Asking whether the blood was shed on american or mexican soil but in his advances to try and humiliate him he only made himself look unpatriotic to the soldiers taking part in the war and very much hurt his political standing as he was seen as weak and unwilling to do anything but this how a majority of the nation viewed the Whigs after Lincoln loses his seat in office but fails on multiple occasions.This sank Lincoln into depression but only seeding his need to end slavery and change the nation where it stood as a whole. After his second attempt to obtain a seat in the Congress Lincoln and his supporters campaigned vigorously. He became exceedingly popular with the people and electoral college. Leonard Swett, Ward Hill Lauren, Judge David Davis all participated in getting Lincoln his seat in presidency. After telling the press who had gathered outside his house Lincoln said that your work was finished but my work was just beginning.
The author wanted you to see how much he had gone through and how long it took for Lincoln to comeback from losing his position in congress to campaign to have enough support to be able to ride his wave of popularity to presidency. Another contributing factor was the south was so broken up on dividing from the Union or wanting to stay and compromise. Those who seeked compromised was seen as weak and labeled submissionist and others wanted to completely leave and it wasn't through the idea of eliminating slavery but feeling as if they would be crippling their economy. After several states boasting about leaving pushed them to believe that they would be outnumbered in the Government and leaving them politically crippled. Learning about Lincoln in elementary you would believe he was anti-slavery but in fact he firmly believed slavery was absolutely absurd in the capitol but thought it was a constitutional right in the south knowing it was one of the building blocks of their economy. Also never mentioning he was actually a congressmen and who lost his seat and failed the regain his seat back and on the wave a public and the support in his delegates he gain a seat as the president of the United States.
One of the reasons Lincoln won his election was the south was so terribly divided among themselves they could not ban together to form a counter the Lincoln and his supporters. Not only was the south divided so was the north. The north being separated into the democrats voting for Stephen Douglas and Republicans voting for Lincoln as called the whigs. In the south John Bell for the constitutional union those who choose compromise but still wanted slavery they were both in the north as well as the south. John Breckinridge as running as a strong second behind Lincoln. With 4 possible candidates Lincoln still managed to come out on top.
It all began when congressmen Abraham Lincoln trying to embarrass Polk after his war with mexico a fairly unpopular opinion Lincoln had almost assuring he would lose his position on the matter.. After losing his seat in the senate and his failed multiple events to regain his political position. Also combating his depression after his loses. His seeded hatred for slavery grew ever deeper and drove LIncoln to move in on the presidency to eliminate slavery once and for all. Although he wasn’t an abolitionist he wanted to remove it from the capitol and later from the nation. He saw it as stealing the fruits of labor of the workers so he saw it as unconstitutional. I want to know who was his main cabinet when he came into office? How long was his separation from the government? How did he cope with his depression? These are the questions i am left curious about and hope to learn in the future readings.