Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Frederick Douglass Part 2 by A. P.

This week we read the last two chapters of the “Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass”. Through this reading, we went more in depth into the life Fredrick Douglass. How he and the other slaves were treated during the 19th century. He wrote about the abuse he and other slaves suffered from their masters. How they were beat for the smallest reasons. Sometimes even just for the reason of showing them who was in charge. He also wrote about how he taught his fellow slave how to read and write, and how he built friendships with them. During this reading, we all read that he escaped but he never revealed how, but he mads it to New York. When in New York he married Ann Murray and changed his name to Frederick Johnson. After that, he traveled to New Bedford where he finally changed his name to Frederick Douglas because there were too many Johnson's. After that was that Frederick Douglas after a while became such an important figure in the anti-slavery moment.
Through his accounts of his life, Frederick Douglas was giving us a feel of the lives of slaves. He was trying to show us how inhuman the way they were treated was. They were looked at as property something to take an advantage out of and nothing more. The way he does it is by giving us an account of his life and the abuse he went through and how he was able to overcome it and free himself.
In class, we discussed we talked about an article we read while there and we discussed how Fredrick Douglas had many lives. His life as a slave, as a free man, an abolitionist, and a women’s suffrage. We discovered he was the man of many faces but they all lead to something important to him and that was freedom and equality for all.