Friday, May 26, 2017

Reconstruction by A. P.

For Our final assignment this semester we watch a documentary “The Second Civil War” on the reconstruction of the country after the Civil War. The Narrater talk about the thing that unfolds after the Civil War was over in efforts to reconstruct the country, and there are many things going on at this time. The slaves are now freed, and the government has no clear idea of what they are supposed to do with the freed man. The freedmen had to find their own place in the country. The country has to find a way to come together after a war between its own people. Southerners have to accept they lost, and that thing will not be the same. The southerner also fear what will happen to them. If they will be punished for their rebellion, and how. When Lincoln dies all the plans he had to die with him as well. The country now has a new president who shared very different view than those of the former President Lincoln. The documenter is really good at explaining how both sides feel about the future that is ahead of them and how everyone is trying to deal with it. For example, it gives you the case of Kate Stone And how her family almost lost everything during the war being of the side of the Confederacy. They showed how the freedmen felt when having to give the land back to the owners and work as controlled laborers. We saw the struggles that the whites had because the African Americans no longer obeyed.
Before Lincoln was murdered his approach was to send Stanton to the south to talk to black minister in the south he wanted to know what was their vision for their future in the south. Lincoln even Wanted to know what the Civil War had meant to them. We saw a little of what Lincoln and thought the country should look like. Such as he thought that African American veterans deserved the right to vote. He was moving Toward more equality for all. When Andrew Johnson took Lincoln place as President of the United Sates. Johnson had very different views he was from the south, and he was known to own a few slaves, but he had a strong belief in the union. One of the reasons Lincoln chose him was to show the south he had some tie to them. The vision that Johnson had of the reconstruction was very different. Johnson was not worried about the freedman he was more sympathetic to the poor white people. We saw how he took back the land that was given to the freedman by the special order #15 of General Sherman. Johnson’s action gave way to a very horrible future for the now Freedman.
During class, we saw four different pictures that depicted the past, and what the African American went thought. We discussed how they were, lynched, how their schools were burned down and the different way they were kept from voting. We also read through a laborer contract and discussed how this labor contract just made the freedmen dependent of the whites. Not only by the south but by northerners to, their fate as freedmen were turning out to be more uncertain and brutal than before. All we spoke in class left me wounding what if Lincoln had never died would the future of the freed man have been the same or would they had a better life? Would Lincoln had found a better was to reconstruct the nation and really give everyone a better future?