Monday, March 27, 2017

Andrew Jackson by K. P.

1. In the Andrew Jackson documentary we saw, the main point is that Andrew Jackson was a liked and hated man. He was determined to become president and when it finally happened he soon began to show some warning signs. He had many controversies, was war hungry, very stern and always put his foot down on decisions.
2. From views of the speakers, it seems like they are not in favor of Jackson. I think we were missing the voice of people that did admire Jackson as a past president. But then again, not many people were fond of him because of his actions (taking Indian land, wishing death on people).
3. Our class activity helped me understand some things that I may not have caught on my own. For example, doing the group discussion I found out that Jackson was "military crazy" and that snuck past me while watching the documentary.
4. We discussed Jackson's reasons behind moving Indians out of their land and we discovered that he kind of manipulated them by telling them he was moving them for their own good when really he wanted their land for farming and the possibility of gold.
5. I'm still wondering more about Jackson's love life, I know it's not that important but his love drama reminded me of a t.v. Show and I actually found it quite interesting