Saturday, April 8, 2017

Andrew Jackson by K.A.

Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the united states, had a long and trying political life. Jackson ran for president in 1824 and 1828. Elections back then were more of an elitist operation and was controlled by washington electors. Jackson was viewed as more of a military leader and even Thomas Jefferson added that he is the most unfit man for the job. Jackson won the popular and electoral votes but, Jackson did not win the majority. Henry Clay did not want Jackson to be president and so supported Quincy Adams and in return Adams gave Clay secretary of state.
Jackson and his wife Rachel had a scandal that was revealed by Henry Clays confidant. It was revealed that Rachel was living with jackson while married to another man. Jackson blamed Clay for the attacks on Rachel and claims that he regrets that he didn't shoot Clay. Jacksons campaign in 1828 was viewed as the dirtiest campaign in all of history.
After Jackson was elected president in 1828 Rachel Jackson died right after. Everyone that knew jackson thought rachel dying knew that it was better that way because they knew she wasn't good for Andrew Jackson because of her social status. Jackson didn't agree and actually blames Clay and Adams for the death of rachel.
Clay and allies viewed Jackson as an Imperial president. Jackson fired many of the employees and high-level bureaucrats due to "incompetence" and his opponents saw it as the "work of the devil." A lot of the new employees had a lot of scandals in their backgrounds and looked as ruining government efficiency and turned it into his own personal government.