Monday, March 13, 2017

Nathaniel Macon - Anti-Federalist by A. G.

William Price Jr. was the author and his main argument was to provide with us that of the dilemma of democracy and a republic. It is also known as federalist vs. antifederalist. People from the federalist side including Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay.They believe that power is strong and they want all that power to go to the government. The Antifederalist including Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, George Mason and Nathaniel Macon they were against the power of government and wanted to limit that.
    The Author purpose was to show us the life how Nathaniel Macon became an Anti federalist.The point of view was 3rd person because of it it always says his full name. We heard from Nathaniel Macon, George washington, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton,  James madison, Samuel adams,  Patrick Henry, and many more. There was no one unaccounted for.
The class had a full understanding during our meeting time. We talk about a lot of things pretraining to the reading of Nathaniel Macon. We discussed about what the were the main points and the objectives of the readings. And why his views mattered.
We discussed questions like why Nathaniel prefers a militia instead of an army, the reason why is because he likes a standing army just in case. There was no more questions that I can think of.