Monday, March 13, 2017

Myths of the Revolution by J. G.

I believe that Carol Berkin wanted us to know during the revolution times were not perfect people were not sharing there hardship and instead you had some people that were trying to take advantage of the situation.  Mrs. Berkin gives a perfect  example of how Pennsylvania farmers took advantage of the Army by blinding steeling from them. When they would order flour  they would only get 1/3 of flour and the rest would be sand also there shoes would be made by scraps which would led to the shoes to fall part. So what does all this mean ?

At the time they had a joke who ever had the most toys when they died won the game. Well this smuggling comes I think that if you were smart enough smuggle you were making money   they knew that these were things that were hard to get John Hancock made him self a wealth men by doing this it even became a job for others . This was a way to make wealth because they were selling things they knew they need and wanted now this how people would take advantage of the situation.  

I also think that she did a great job pointing  out how this revaluation was a violent and not every one agreed to the this war .they believed action speak louder then words . The people were willing to have the back of the government but the government had to be willing to help the people.