Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Atificial River Ch 5-6 - by R. B.

  1. The author's main argument about the book is how the Erie Canal benefited Americans who wanted to move out West and stay on the East. The Erie canal benefited many Americans in the west buy making trading to the east much easier and affordable for everyone in the United States. The Erie canal created many jobs for low class working Americans as well. Most Americans from the West and East came to support economic expansions to the West to make more housing and economic structures.
  2. The purpose and point of view that the author is trying to prove through out the book is to tell about the frustrations and prosperities during the construction and making of the Erie canal. The reading gave examples on how settlers brought many trading goods and families through the Erie canal so that many families could create better lives for themselves. The Erie Canal created jobs for low class working Americans, and many Americans could realize their special destiny of universal moral material prosperity. Most Americans from the West and East came to support economic and geographic expansion, even if they held different notions of how growth should take place.
  3. Some of the discussions and reading in class helped us better understand the book when we asked each other our perspective and opinions on each chapter we read and what we thought about in each chapter in the book. Many of us compared the differences of what life used to be like back then compared to the life that we have today as a good example. Identifying the social structure during that time period made us better understand the reading and some of the economic issues that workers, farmers and residents had to go through during the making of the Erie Canal. A lot of the reading helped us understand why many people in New York wanted an Erie Canal and there were many agriculture and economic changes that happened after the construction of the Erie Canal ended.
4.Some of the questions we discussed in class were about agriculture and how would farmers grow and sell crops along the canal? Farmers would choose the kind of season they would have their crops grow and would trade and sell crops to travelers and settlers. Also, What geographical feature caused New Yorkers to want a canal? The New Yorkers wanted a canal to access better trading goods and supplies into the United States. Another question we drew in class was how would the Erie Canal change the lifestyle of those who chose to move West? Many would have better trading routes and better economic structure with more work and more agriculture crops in the West.
  1. Some questions that I have for the book are things like economic repair, how would one go about fixing a canal boat if something broke on the ship? How would one make money if they were unable to grow crops on their land? Also how would families and other residents fall asleep along the Canal if so much noise was being made during the construction? Also what would the residents do for entertainment?