Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Artificial River by J. G.

I Believe Mary is really good about giving to us details almost make you feel as if you are there ... but in visioning you almost feel that she was happy with the class of people that were on the boat . It made me wonder why .  Well here you finally have a way for transport  farmers and family together and it was cheap. But for land owners like Mary it wasn't a good thing and here is why. the boat can  cause all kinds of  damage also this artificial was only 4 feet deep and there they would also dump waste into this water that would eventually smell this was not  good for land owners.  Also there were traffic issue that can also can take up to weeks. In order for some kind middle ground they came up with a board for the canal.. Land owners will go to this board will tell them what damage was caused and they would approve and denied.